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Mayor’s Desk

Fred Hoffman                                                     
Phone: (740)992-2705
Office: 659 Pearl St., Middleport, OH 45760

The mayor shall perform all duties prescribed by the bylaws and ordinances of the village corporation. He shall see that all ordinances, bylaws and resolutions of the legislative authority
are faithfully obeyed and enforced. The mayor shall sign all commissions, licenses and permits granted by legislative authority by the Ohio Revised Code.

The mayor runs all meetings of the village council.

In addition to other mayoral duties, most villages have Mayor’s Court. A mayor is required to complete six hours of initial general education prescribed by the Ohio Supreme Court and three hours of continuing education each year after that.

The Village of Middleport is a member of the Ohio Municipal League.

Mayor’s Court handles all cases involving:
A. Violations of an ordinance of the village corporation.
B. Driving with suspended drivers license.
C. Drug Abuse.
D. Under influence of alcohol.
E. First Driving Under the Influence.
F. Moving traffic violations in our village.
G. No Child Restraint.
H. Open Alcohol Container
I. Underage Alcohol Consumption
J. Disorderly by fighting.
K. Disorderly after warning.
L. Criminal damaging and petty theft.

Also Mayor’s Court is entitled to suspend and shall suspend or revoke driver’s licenses of persons convicted of or pleading guilty to operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs of abuse.

Appeals from Mayor’s Court may be taken to municipal or county court having jurisdiction.