A Message from Your Mayor

Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman would like to remind residents that it is time to get yards and porches cleaned up and ready to be enjoyed throughout the year.

Both the Building Inspector and the police department will be making a concerted effort to enforce our littering and trash and clutter laws to make our town more presentable.


One section of our ordinances reads as follows: No person shall abandon, discard, or knowingly permit to remain on premises under his control, garbage, trash, rubbish, waste, ashes, cans, bottles, wire, paper, cartons, boxes, automobile parts, furniture, glass, or ANYTHING ELSE OF AN UNSIGHTLY OR UNSANITARY NATURE.


All residents need to take pride in our community and make an effort to keep their property free of the above listed items. The police and building inspector will be making an extra effort during the next few months to encourage individuals to clean up their property and issue citations to those who don’t. You only have to move it as far as the curb in front of your house and it will be picked up.


Another item that will be more fully enforced is putting trash containers out the day before pickup and not put trash out a week before and leave it sitting out for days. Everyone should know when their pickup date is and not leave it set out all week.


Junk cars need to be disposed of and not left setting on the streets or property for months and years.


Many children use our parks for their recreation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Keep in mind that playground equipment is designed for children, not adults. Numerous equipment has been destroyed in the past by adults, which leaves our children with less places to play. Keep this in mind and help keep our playground for children only.


Middleport is a wonderful community but EVERYONE needs to make an effort to make it better and cleaner.