• Updated: 10 months 2 days ago
    Rules concerning downspouts
  • Updated: 2 years 5 months ago
    Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman announced today that he would like to remind both residents and visitors of various ordinances which are now and have always been in effect in Middleport. PARKING : On 2-way streets, park on the right side WITH the traffic flow. NO PARKING on or across sidewalks. Park...
  • Updated: 1 year 6 months ago
    Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman would like to remind residents that it is time to get yards and porches cleaned up and ready to be enjoyed throughout the year. Both the Building Inspector and the police department will be making a concerted effort to enforce our littering and trash and clutter laws...
  • Updated: 1 year 7 months ago
    Hours of operation for our new drive-thru are the same as the office hours for water/sewer/trash payments.
  • Updated: 1 year 4 months ago
    The CCR for the Middleport Public Works Water System is now available. Click on the water quality report icon to view the 2021 report.
  • Updated: 1 year 2 months ago
    You can now elect to receive your monthly bill via email instead of thru regular mail. The email will include a copy of your bill and it's so easy to set it up when you click on our "Pay Your Bill" portal on this website. Please note: the EBill will be sent from a email...
  • Updated: 1 year 9 months ago
    For your convenience and safety, we've installed a new drive-thru for our water/sewer/trash customers. You can pay your bills without getting out of your car! SO convenient AND a great way to maintain social distancing.
  • Updated: 2 years 3 weeks ago
    July 22, 2020 Middleport Village Public Water System PWS ID - OH5300112 Subject: Water Testing Results Dear Customer: Ohio and states nationwide are faced with challenges related to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have been manufactured and used for years in everyday items such as...