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Want to receive your water/sewer/trash bill via email?

You can now elect to receive your monthly bill via email instead of thru regular mail.  The email will include a copy of your bill and it's so easy to set it up when you click on our "Pay Your Bill" portal on this website.

Please note:  the EBill will be sent from a email address so you would need to be sure to check your spam folder if you have any problem getting the email.

You can ask one of our clerks to set up your bill as an Ebill for you next time you're in our office if you prefer to NOT use the "Pay Your Bill" portal.   Either way is quick and easy.

So you have many options now with your bill: 

  •  Pay via the "Pay Your Bill" portal on this website,   And you can choose to make a single payment OR set your payment up as AutoPay. 
  •  Pay by Credit or Debit Card with NO FEES when you use the "Pay Your Bill" link to the portal. 
  •  Pay by visiting the office at 659 Pearl Street or use the door slot to drop your payment if the office is closed.
  •  Pay by using the drive-thru during office hours 8am to 4pm
  •  Pay by using regular mail

We encourage all of our customers to use the portal by clicking on the "Pay Your Bill" link on the right side of your screen.   This allows you to keep track of all aspects of your account, including billing, water use, etc.