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Planning & Zoning Dept.

Building Inspector:
Michael Hendrickson
Phone: (740)992-1326
Fax: (740)992-1017
659 Pearl Street, Middleport, Ohio 45760
Hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm M – F

Neighborhood Property Standards:
1. Overgrown grass – Grass and weeds are to be maintained at a maximum height of 12”
2. Property maintenance violations – Holes in siding, peeling paint, and broken windows.
3. Motor Vehicles – No inoperative or unlicensed vehicles kept or stored on premises.
4. Sanitation – All exterior premises shall be maintained in a clean and safe condition.
5. Noxious odors and noise – Pet areas must be kept clean and free of noxious smells and pets must be kept quiet as not to disturb the peace.
6. Accessary structures – including sheds and fences must be maintained in good repair.
7. Pools – Must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and if capable of holding a depth of 36 inches of water it must be surrounded by a 6’ fence.